Grebulon’s News

Strip’em add-in – now also for Visual Studio 2015 – 15/02/2015
Another update to my old Visual Studio add-in strip’em,
now also compatible for Visual Studio 2015. It’s actually the same as the addin for older version of VS, with a new packaging.
Strip’em is intended for developers that share source code files between Unix and Windows
environments. It automatically converts the end of line (EOL) format of files when they are saved. It is written in C#.

Updated resume – 15/5/2013
New, shorter Resume.

Little Professor for Android – 1/3/2013
Little Professor, is a fun way for children to practice basic math.

64-bit Copy Location and Open with Notepad – 7/7/2010
I’ve ported my two Windows shell extensions: Copy Location
and Open with Notepad to 64-bit. They can now be
installed and used on a 64-bit flavor of Windows.
There are no new features other than this port, so if you’re currently using it on 32-bit OS, you don’t need to upgrade.

New freeware – AutoCopy extension for Chrome – 11/12/2009
My first extension for Google Chrome AutoCopy.
It automatically copies selected text to the clipboard.

New freeware – Region Capture for IrfanView – 29/7/2009
I’m sharing a new software that I wrote
IrfanView region capture plugin
and capture utility. This can be used standalone or from within IrfanView to capture any rectangular region
of the screen directly into IrfanView.

פחות חרטוטים - יותר עבודה

פחות חרטוטים – יותר עבודה